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Minibus Tyre Legislation

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Tyre Regulations:

From 1st February 2021 it is illegal for front axles of HGVs including buses and coaches (vehicles above a gross vehicle weight of 3500 kgs) and all axles on minibuses when fitted in single configuration to use tyres aged more than 10 years. 

Vehicle category definitions:

  • HGV (N2 & N3) Vehicles for the carriage of goods and having a maximum mass exceeding 3,500 kg 

  • Buses​: A vehicle constructed or adapted to carry more than 16 passengers in addition to the driver

  • Coaches​: A large bus with a maximum gross weight of more than 7,500kg and a maximum speed exceeding 60mph

  • Minibuses: A motor vehicle which is constructed or adapted to carry more than 8, but not more than 16 seated passengers in addition to the driver. 

Annual vehicle test requirements:

Tyres on any axle found during an MOT with a tyre manufacture date code between 9 and 10 years of age an Advisory receive an advisory notification.

Tyres with a manufacture date code more than 10 years of age in use on any front (steering) axle(s) of a goods vehicles over 3500kg design gross vehicle weight, minibuses, large buses & coaches will result in a Dangerous Deficiency.

An Immediate Prohibition is issued, & the Prohibition will be ‘S’ marked. The ‘S’ marked endorsement on the prohibition will automatically generate a follow up with the operator by the DVSA. Dangerous Deficiency action for a tyre date code more than 10 years of age also extends to any rear axle of a minibus if fitted with single wheels.

Penalties for misuse can be: - 

  • Fixed penalty notices

  • Fines

  • Driving licence penalty points

  • Disqualification from driving

The maximum fine is Level 5, a potentially unlimited amount in England, Ireland and Wales, but capped at £5,000 in Scotland.

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