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UK Global Road Safety -A1 Minibus Driver Training

UK Global Road Safety

& GM Coachwork Partnership

GM Coahworks

The GM Coachwork MiniBus Lite is the original and market leading 16 seater minibus (including driver) weighing less than 3.5 tonnes, that any of your staff can drive with a standard manual car licence.


Based on the tried & tested Peugeot Boxer, the MiniBus Lite is available in 5 specifications, including normal width & full width wheel chair ramps.

MiniBus Lite is ideal for schools for 3 simple reasons:

  1. Staff do not need a special licence to drive it (however, we would always recommend assessment & training for health & safety purposes).

  2. More staff will be entitled to drive it.

  3. Schools can save the time & money needed for their staff to pass the D1 driving test as required for some other 16 seaters.

Minibus Lite - the ideal school minibus

Minibus Lite is a lightweight school minibus available in 16 or 17 seats. Designed primarily as a school minibus, Minibus Lite is the ideal for schools as it can be driven without a D1 licence. Minibus Lite is produced by minibus specialists GM Coachwork.

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GM Coachworks Minibus Lite Brochure

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